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Chapter 13: Whispers on the Wind


Grade: 3-4 | Duration: 2:52

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"Dear Steve, I never had the chance to talk to you about Last World Standing world Standing. I have played your Last World Standing three times in the last week. What Brilliance! what work! a true masterpiece and the work of a musical genius!" Tom Walsh, Executive Producer, EnterAktion Studios

"Dear Stephen! Great, wunderbar!! It¥s a special sample of very emotional music. It¥s very extraordinary!! I guess thats a new step in instrumentation and arrangement of your great works, but each composition is typical for "Stephen Melillo"!! Very deaply sound, the track with Martin Kiener sounds like an Symphony Orchestra. Sorry, I¥m not able to describe it in english, but this CD takes the Concert Band Music in a new dimension. In my opinion, the great bands and band directors like this music and the people in the concert halls would be touched by such wunderfull music all over the world!!!!! Godspeed" P.S. The Beginning of our last concert with SBO Ried an 26.10. was with your opus 1... and now, it is on Chapter 13. That`s great of you, to give your first, wunderfull work to your new CD!! Gerhard Reischel, Conductor Landesmusikschule Leonding, Austria

"Composer Melillo is gifted and blessed with a God-given talent he gives and shares with the world. When one listens to his music, an intense spiritual statement immerses one into his beautiful world of musical expression. Melilloís compositions are different from all other composers! Immediately one is captivated by the depth and soul of his craft. I encourage you to listen and view his Last World Standing. This is a monumental piece of music that delivers a most profound musical experience about our life and the wars that we have lived through. Thank you, Steve for the massive contributions you are making to our musical world." Edward S. Lisk, Clinician, Conductor, Author


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