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Chapter 13: Whispers on the Wind


Grade: 4-5 | Duration: 6:33

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"I attended a reception in the president's suite after our concert. Nearly everyone referred to OUR TIME as a SONG in the UNIVERSE in some manner. Even the people that did not get it... the piece STILL had some profound effect on them. They just couldn't express it. And so, once again, I can prove that there is SOMETHING in your Music, your Orchestrations, God only knows because even I still cannot explain it. We can play and play, sound really good... then jump into a Stormworks, and the same group sounds completely and profoundly different. When I was on Sabbatical last semester, I went to the Veterans Concert, this time conducted by Mark. They played and played and sounded great. I was not only very happy, but really impressed at the quality of the group under Mark's leadership. Then, the premiere of the piece for the Chancellor started (DESPITE ALL ELSE) and....the entire sound changed. It surrounded the audience. Suddenly, we were all awash in this amazing sound... more than just the sound, though. This is what I am still trying to understand about your Music. People who don't know immediately write it off to the use of electronics, but that simply is not the case. They don't get it. The electronics certainly add to it, but that is not the only reason. I have played and heard other pieces using electronics, including my own, and it does not achieve the same effect. So, my study continues. Your friendship and guidance and willingness to share continues to help me understand Music and myself a bit better each day." Ralph Ford, Troy University. (Ralph. Thank you for so much. for your Kindness, your Generosity. The kids sounded great, and in fact brought tears to my eyes. I thank them and I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with other Conductors.)

"Dear Steve, I never had the chance to talk to you about Last World Standing world Standing. I have played your Last World Standing three times in the last week. What Brilliance! what work! a true masterpiece and the work of a musical genius!" Tom Walsh, Executive Producer, EnterAktion Studios

"Dear Stephen! Great, wunderbar!! It¥s a special sample of very emotional music. It¥s very extraordinary!! I guess thats a new step in instrumentation and arrangement of your great works, but each composition is typical for "Stephen Melillo"!! Very deaply sound, the track with Martin Kiener sounds like an Symphony Orchestra. Sorry, I¥m not able to describe it in english, but this CD takes the Concert Band Music in a new dimension. In my opinion, the great bands and band directors like this music and the people in the concert halls would be touched by such wunderfull music all over the world!!!!! Godspeed" P.S. The Beginning of our last concert with SBO Ried an 26.10. was with your opus 1... and now, it is on Chapter 13. That`s great of you, to give your first, wunderfull work to your new CD!! Gerhard Reischel, Conductor Landesmusikschule Leonding, Austria



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